Sex Drive & Gastroparesis Part 2

sex drive & gastroparesis

In our last blog about sex drive and Gastroparesis, we talked about the possibility of the connection between the two and the signs & symptoms to look for.

As promised, in this blog post, we are going to discuss how to naturally increase your sex drive and how to talk to your partner about your struggles, so that they understand how you are feeling.

Let’s get started.

Ways to Naturally Increase Libido

While these aren’t foolproof, and not many studies have been done about the natural increase in libido, making these changes or improvements will help improve your overall health. Improving your health, will improve your hormone function, which will then improve your libido.

  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Limit the amount of processed foods
  • Up your intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Get good sleep
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Keep your stress and anxiety to a minimum
  • Focus on your relationship (date nights, quality time)

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This list might sound pretty basic, but that’s what it is. Majority of hormonal issues and libido issues stem from poor diet. (of course this leaves out genetic hormonal issues) With Gastroparesis, this can make things more difficult.

When you can’t eat, get sick every time you eat or throw everything back up, it can make it much harder to stabilize hormones. Then, it’s a domino effect. This is something to work on, but that’s for another blog. For now, let’s talk about how to address this with your partner to help them understand.

How to Talk with Your Partner

You know what’s awkward? Feeling like you want to throw up or maybe use the restroom when your partner is wanting to get intimate. Yikes.

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes to those suffering with Gastroparesis, and it’s really hard to explain or to help your partner understand how you’re feeling.

As with any other topic in a relationship, communication is key.

  1. Make sure you explain what Gastroparesis is to them fully. Those who never experience the pain and feelings we go through, will never fully understand how we feel. So, explaining what GP is, is extremely important. I’m talking GET DETAILED.
  2. Explain How it Makes you Feel. I am talking about both GP & how uncomfortable sex can be when you feel so sick. If you just tell them you aren’t in the mood, they won’t know it’s because of your GP. But if you tell them the pain is so severe you are in a constant nauseous state, then they might be more understanding.
  3. Try to Put Yourself in Their Shoes. Just like you want them to understand how you feel, try to switch places and think about how it would feel if your partner never wanted to get intimate or always said it made them sick. That would start to make you feel pretty down. While both sides’ feelings are totally valid, they both need to be considered. Try to let them know that you understand how difficult this situation is, but that you appreciate them being patient with you. Sometimes, a little affirmation, can go a long way.

While I can’t give you the exact words on what to say, keeping these 3 tips in mind, can keep your communication open, calm and informative. Both sides will be adjusting to each other & it’s a process.

If nothing else, hopefully this helps you feel like you’re not alone in your struggle. There are many out there struggling with this exact topic.

Always remember, communication is key!

Until next time.

Keep it Fresh. Keep it Simple. Keep it Real.


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